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Every translation assignment is managed by a project manager who is the primary point of
contact between FREEUNION and the client.
  • Analysis and quotation
    After receiving a new project the project manager confirms receipt and makes a brief analysis of it (subject, scope, timeline).
    The project manager submits a quote to the client for acceptance and confirmation.
    The order is entered in the information system.
  • Preparation of resources / work assignment
    The project manager chooses the most appropriate translator, proofreader, language consultants and/or other specialists and asks them to confirm the order.
    The project manager prepares all the necessary sources, CAT tools, terminological databases and other resources and provides them to all the language specialists involved.
  • Translation and processing
    Cooperation between the translator / language specialists and the project manager.
    The project manager oversees the project at all stages.
  • In-house quality check
    After receiving the translated document the project manager carries out the quality check (completeness, formatting, numeric data etc) and the forwards the document to a proofreader.
    The proofreader checks the document against the original, checks spelling, grammar, use of language, and style issues, and returns it to the project manager.
  • Final revision
    Final spell check and check of formatting.
    Where CAT tools are used, upgrade of translation memory.
  • Delivery to the client
    The final document is sent to the client in the required format.
    Confirmation of receipt from the client.
    Feedback to language specialists.