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Quality Assurance 
Quality and accuracy are monitored throughout every stage of a translation project.

Human resources

At FREEUNION we ensure that all our activities are being performed effectively and with due attention to detail.
Our large database of language professionals located in the target language country enables us to provide you with professional services.
Our experienced project managers are client orientated, fluent in written and spoken English, and always ready to assist you with your project. They act as a central point of contact and manage the project from the beginning to the end, ensuring sure that we meet and implement all your expectations and requirements.

Data security

We treat all the information in the material provided by the client as confidential. In addition, all our translators and proofreaders sign a non-disclosure agreement binding them to respect confidentiality.
We backup the data on regular basis and archive all our projects. No unauthorized person has access to confidential information. Quality firewall and regularly updated antivirus software also contribute to data security.
Quality checking procedure

To make sure our services meet the highest quality standards we pay close attention to quality checking.
First the project manager performs an in-house check and focuses on completeness, formatting, numerals and spell-check.
This is followed by the 3rd party quality assurance, which is done by an independent terminology specialist who checks the document for terminology, language quality, style, consistency, accuracy and other aspects.
Then proofreading follows, which is done by a native speaker and/or terminology specialist. The aim of proofreading is to check the translated document against the original for grammar, style and content, and to ensure the text reads as if written in the target language.